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Sölvi Páll Ásgeirsson wrote:


What are your needs for the machine? Home-PC w/ light
home/business use; mid size business w/ 20 users? Are
you editing broadcast video?
I build my own. but for you, I need to understand
function. Consider: if the power supply needs
replacing, is this a $40 part, or $140 part coz you
have to order if from a big brand name?

What about upgrading next year? Are you locked in to
their brand offerings, or can you "pick'n'mix." If you
DIY, will that "break the warranty."

Consider cars (autos)-
Many years ago, if you got the oil and filter changed
at anywhere other than the franchise dealer, next time
you went to the dealer they pitched a fit. Today
dealers accept that oil and filter change does not
compromise warranty. We all know that it does not
require "factory trained technicians" to twist off an
oil filter.

define use, hardware requirements, and build it

B.Sc Information Systems

Thank you for a nice answer. This computer is supposed to be my
personal workstation.
I look at vendors like Dell, IBM and HP because of warranty.
The purpose of this machine is for some development, occasional game
play(Such as newly-gone-gold Doom 3 :)), web-surfing and such.
I looked at putting together one myself, but the price difference is
relatively small compared to the hassle.
Plus, I can return the WinXP license and get a refund.(Yes, I looked
into it. Icelandic laws are a treat when it comes to this.)
My old HP-Brio is becoming outdated, that's why I'm looking for an

I agree. Build your own. OEM systems are generally good for the average user, but they skimp out in certain hardware areas sometimes such as motherboards. You still get a warranty on your machine, as long as you buy retail components or OEM one with manufacturer warranties. And whats the deal with the "Buy now and get a free 128mb memory upgrade!" Why are they still building systems with only 128mb of RAM when a 256mb stick is so cheap now. Even 512mb is cheap and it is also the current 'recommended standard' of performance.

If its too much of a hassle for you, just make sure you get what you want out of the computer without paying a fortune. Don't pay extra for all the included software. You can be 100% certain that its for Windows, and since you want to run linux, theres no point in that.

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