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On 03/18/2011 12:43 PM, Bob Goodwin wrote:
>          Perhaps someone can put me on the right track. I will provide
>          more details if required.

Try installing and using pyRenamer.  (I think it's in the standard 
repos)  It's a bulk file renamer.  Using it, you can append 01_ to the 
name of each file in the first directory, 02_ to all in the second and 
so on.  That will keep them sorted in the order you want.

I use it, BTW, in the exact opposite way, taking the numbers off of file 
names.  If you've ever ripped a commercial audio CD, you'll see those 
numbers appended to the names so that the tracks are in the correct 
order, regardless of their names.  I get rid of the numbers, then load 
them onto my .mp3 player so that the files from different CDs get well 
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