Tiff Readers from Fedora 5 versas Fedora 14 scanned from a Toshiba 350/550 scanner

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I have been trying to debug a problem related to some scanned *.tif
files by a Toshiba 350 and 550 copier scanner.  We are copying this tif
files from each of the copiers/scanners windows shared directory and
then porting them to our fax.  

In testing this software I noticed the tiff reader on Fedora 14 would
about 40 to 60 % of the time would display a corrupted image.  I thought
it was related to the Toshiba copiers/scanners.  However, I discovered
that these same files are read easily by tiff readers on Fedora 5.  I
also determined that when these same tif files are faxed using vsifax
they are ok.

Has anyone else noticed a problem with Fedora 14 tiff readers.  All of
the Tiff readers I have downloaded to this unit read the file in the
same corrupted view.  This would make me believe it is related to some
library file that all tiff readers use.

Not every scanned file is viewed as corrupted by Fedora 14. However,
when a file appears corrupted on Fedora 14, it can be read as normal in
Fedora 5.  Any ideas as to a fix?

Greg Ennis

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