Re: Tiff Readers from Fedora 5 versas Fedora 14 scanned from a Toshiba 350/550 scanner

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On Tue, 2011-03-15 at 13:15 -0500, Gregory P. Ennis wrote:
> List,
> I have been trying to debug a problem related to some scanned *.tif
> files by a Toshiba 350 and 550 copier scanner.  We are copying this tif
> files from each of the copiers/scanners windows shared directory and
> then porting them to our fax.  
> In testing this software I noticed the tiff reader on Fedora 14 would
> about 40 to 60 % of the time would display a corrupted image.  I thought
> it was related to the Toshiba copiers/scanners.  However, I discovered
> that these same files are read easily by tiff readers on Fedora 5.  I
> also determined that when these same tif files are faxed using vsifax
> they are ok.
> Has anyone else noticed a problem with Fedora 14 tiff readers.  All of
> the Tiff readers I have downloaded to this unit read the file in the
> same corrupted view.  This would make me believe it is related to some
> library file that all tiff readers use.
> Not every scanned file is viewed as corrupted by Fedora 14. However,
> when a file appears corrupted on Fedora 14, it can be read as normal in
> Fedora 5.  Any ideas as to a fix?
> Greg Ennis

evince otherwise known as Document Viewer is the best viewer of tiff
files that I have found in F14. I was unpressed that it could view tiff
files that are multiple page documents that other viewers could not.
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