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Chris Adams <[email protected]> writes:
> Once upon a time, Nikolaus Rath <[email protected]> said:
>> You can shrink a PV, but you will loose the extents that are stored in
>> the space that you have truncated. I don't consider that resizing.
> Changing the size of something is called resizing.

How would you distinguish between the resizing done by e.g. resize2fs
and the one done by fdisk?

>> Unfortunately, pvmove can only move extends to other PVs but not to a
>> different location in the same PV.
> Not true.  It isn't as straightforward; you have to know a map of the
> PEs and specify them to the pvmove command like (assuming the
> destination PEs are not in use):
> pvmove /dev/sda2:1000-1100 /dev/sda2:100-200

Oh, I didn't know about that. It seems that this thread finally produced
some useful information as well, thanks!



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