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On 02/06/2011 04:11 AM, James McKenzie wrote:

>> how about a mod 2?
> No.  They appeared to be junk when Tandy introduced them.  However they 
> were 8086 based.

incorrect on both counts and they where z80.

later the z80 system design was upgraded to mod 12 with z80 and m6800 or

i have one, but do not recall which motorola chip it was.

> I gave away my ModIII in 1991 when I bought a 'real PC' which turned out 
> to be a POS and I should have waited about a month and I would have been 
> able to buy a 486 for the same price.
> It came with Windows3.1 and MS DOS 5.0.  I junked it and moved to a 486 
> machine that I built.

a lot of people got burned by 286 and 386 systems. but intel had regain
their development money some how.


peace out.



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