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Sam Sharpe <[email protected]> writes:
> On 5 February 2011 22:15, Nikolaus Rath <[email protected]> wrote:
>> You can shrink a PV, but you will loose the extents that are stored in
>> the space that you have truncated. I don't consider that resizing.
> That's interesting. I do consider it resizing... It's not the function
> of the pvresize command to move the LVs around so that it is possible
> to downsize the PV. That's something that the admin must do.

My definition of resizing is shrinking without the need for temporary
additional storage. A partition can be resized by resizing the file
system and then shrinking the partition with fdisk. A logical volume can
be resized the same way. A physical volume can not be resized, you first
need to put the data (extents) somewhere else.

> Yes, so it won't do exactly what you want in one command, so you have
> to do it a different way. I have in the past added a second PV,

In my case that doesn't work. I just created one PV for every harddisk,
I never had the need for additional PVs or partitions until now. Well,
my bad luck I guess.

>> Why so aggressive?
> I wasn't being particularly aggressive, but I do actually dislike
> people saying (or abbreviating) "just for the record" when they are
> incorrect or the facts are disputed. The only thing that goes in the
> official record are the facts.

My intention was just to avoid a reply of the form "Then use an USB
stick instead". It's not that I am not able to work around the problems,
I just wanted to clarify that it can be quite a hassle.



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