Re: F13: Firefox 3.6.13 seems flaky with thumb wheel?

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On 12/28/2010 02:48 PM, James Mckenzie wrote:
> Tim <[email protected]> wrote:
>> Tim:
>>>> Do you have a shift key stuck down?  The mouse wheel can do different
>>>> things with the browser, depending on the keyboard modifiers.
>> Daniel B. Thurman:
>>> Well, it is not a static issue, the problem is intermittent.  I do get
>>> page up/down but if you "flip" the wheel up or down quickly (fast
>>> scroll), then the page jumps - it is very annoying.
>> Is it a mouse with extra buttons on the side?  Perhaps one's become
>> extremely sensitive to touch.
> If you were to call this in, the company would come back with 'this is normal behavior' and close it out, because IT IS.  I get the same thing on my Mac if I attempt to 'quick scroll' with the trackpad.  No pretty, but that is how it works.
> James McKenzie
As it turns out, somehow the mouse driver was in an unstable
state, because when I rebooted the system, the problem went
away.  What was happening was that when I scrolled FF or TB
to the bottom with the thumb-wheel, and then scrolled up, one
notch - it went into a behaviour that either changed something
in another page (instead of scrolling up in the page where the
mouse focus is) or opened something else in yet another pane.
I think this is not normal behaviour, but I could be wrong.

But for now, I do not have this problem after rebooting, so I will
not pursue this issue any further, but interestingly - it only happens
with FF & TB.

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