Re: End of life for FC12?

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to, 2010-11-25 kello 17:40 -0700, James McKenzie kirjoitti:
> Before the days of Linux, I had an OS/2 system that was up for two 
> years.  I had to shut it down to move it from the United States to 
> Korea.  It ran there for months and months.  Not all Operating
> Systems 
> are as unstable as Windows98 (it had the worst uptime that I know
> of.)  
> I even ran a NetWare server that was up for six months (I crashed it 
> running a backup, the tape drive was filthy and a bug in the backup 
> program brought down the server.)
> James McKenzie 

I didn't say that F12 or Linux in common is unstable. On the contrary,
I'm pretty sure we're on the right shore. My system serves as a router
for home network so it's up all the time. However with buggy flash
(random crashes that causes hangups of X server) and kernel updates
(which is not so frequently near the EOL of F12) I had to reboot it or
even hard reboot every 5-10 days.
Never trust an operating system you don't have sources for. ;-)
	-- Unknown source

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