Re: Using ionice -c3 in f13: system seems less responsive than under f12

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Am 25.11.2010 14:30, schrieb John Pilkington:
> Hi:  My system spends a lot of its time processing video data, often
> with not much numerical processing involved - just remuxing or making an
> iso image.  atop often shows disk activity above 90%.  I do most of this
> using ionice -c3, (ie 'idle' scheduling) which is supposed to reduce
> impact on other tasks.  The man page says "The impact of idle io
> processes on  normal system activity should be zero"  and certainly
> under f12 that seemed at least approximately true; but under f13
> terminal response is often very sluggish when these tasks are running.
> Using kde 4.5.3, scheduling elevator=deadline (as in f12).
> Am I expecting the right thing?  Does anyone else see this?
> John P

maybe your processing is using CPU also?
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