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On Thu, 2010-11-25 at 15:53 -0800, Geoffrey Leach wrote:
> No flames please. This is a technical question.
> I download podcasts with a script that runs after 11pm 
> (Satelite internet). Is it possible to get the URL for the day's show 
> by scraping the member's page or compute it?. Needless to say, their 
> tech suport has no idea what I am trying to do.

A simple example:

wget -nv $(wget -O - 2> /dev/null|sed -r 's:.*(http\:[^"]*\.mp3).*:\1:g'|grep "\.mp3"|head -1)

I suggest you dissect the command this way:

wget -O - 2> /dev/null
wget -O - 2> /dev/null|sed -r 's:.*(http\:[^"]*\.mp3).*:\1:g'

...and so on.

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