Re: Video drivers on a MacBook Pro 5,2 - update

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> Hmm, I'm still getting the same results. I followed the instructions above
> but when I reboot, after the three blue bars have finished loading and
> turned white, the bar starts flickering and eventually comes to a halt.
> After that nothing happens. I go back to nouveau things work fine again. Any
> further suggestions?

To help you further, what is needed is the content of your xorg log
file. To do that you just have to wait the flickering to stop, then to
log in as a user, copy the /var/log/Xorg.0.log somewhere you can find
it later.

Maybe you will find the answer in the file. If you don't, you could
post relevant errors. You should also look for errors in
your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file, which is needed in order to tell Xorg to
use nvidia (although it should be generated by the kmod-nvidia package)

One thing to try before logging out is to do

lsmod | grep nouveau

to see if nouveau has been properly blacklisted. To use the nvidia
proprietary driver, you really need the nouveau module not to be in use.

If the nouveau driver is still loaded, this means it was either not
properly blacklisted, or you didn't run the initrd you re-created.

By the way, there is probably a list for rpmfusion users, where you
could find more information.

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