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Kalpa Welivitigoda <callkalpa <at>> writes:

> Hi all,
> I thought to make my Fedora system boot faster. For that I thought to
> disable unnecessary kernel modules and services. So I want to know in
> detail what each and every kernel module and service do so that I can
> disable which are no needed. Can anyone here provide me with a
> detailed documentation on the kernel modules and services?

I think Google is your friend here.

search Goggle: linux services list
will give you for example:

You get the drift ...

As far as kernel modules are concerned you have to be careful with disabling
them a priory.
You may easily end up with an unbootable system.
Even if you boot, you system may be inflexible with regard to accepting ad hoc
It is much safer from booting process point of view and practical from daily
use of your system point of view, to configure your kernel for on demand 
modules loading.
The exception would be if you configure a special system and you intend to make
it compact, according to strict requirements, with limited purpose, etc.

For a list and descriptions of kernel modules, I think the best source is
your kernel source package.
You will find a .config file in there and see it thru kernel configuration:
  make menuconfig
  make xconfig
See kernel configuration howto docs.


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