[RHEL question] why is beta 2 so much smaller?

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  slightly off-topic but i don't have the heart to subscribe to yet
another mailing list -- i want to download the latest beta (2?) of
RHEL 6, and i've ended up here:


where i can see the two ISO images:

RHEL6.0-20100622.1-Server-x86_64-DVD1.iso  3.9GB
RHEL6.0-20100715.2-Server-x86_64-DVD1.iso  3.2GB

  based on the datestamps in the filenames, i would think that second
ISO is the latest x86_64 image, but it looks odd that it's
significantly smaller than the earlier one.  or am i misinterpreting
what i'm looking at?  thanks.


p.s.  the above is for the server version.  over at the workstation


things look more reasonable.  or at least what i might have expected.


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