Re: camera won't automount [Solved]

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  No one responded on this query, but, for the sake of posterity, here's 
the fix:
Many modern digital cameras have two modes in which the flash memory 
operates, USB and PTP; I do not know what PTP means, but the effect of 
it is, it doesn't allow the memory to be seen as ordinary flash memory. 
Digikam can recognize a connected device operating in PTP mode and 
that's why it worked there. In Windows-land, PTP mode, as I understand 
it, is designed to work with Nikon's own software for managing photos. I 
do not know if other manufacturers use this protocol, or whether it's 
unique to Nikon. On some Nikon cameras, there are options in the menu to 
run the memory in USB or PTP mode, but, the D90 does not offer this 
choice, and can only run in PTP. The fix is to either use Digikam or 
other software that can work with PTP mode enabled memory, or, remove 
the memory from the camera and use a card reader.

On 7/19/2010 10:02 AM, Claude Jones wrote:
> I'm having problem with one device, a Nikon D90 camera, that won't
> automount. At some point in the past, I had set something that would
> cause it to be detected, but the only option offered was to download
> pictures with Digikam. (At some time in the past, the device notifier
> would offer options including opening the device in Dolphin which is
> what I'd prefer.) For some reason, this function didn't work properly
> because Digikam would open and stall on the process of detecting my
> images, and never would open. I have a very large image archive and this
> process could take a couple of minutes in the past, but it would
> eventually open. This camera will mount under Windows; however, in
> Windows, the icon never appears that allows you to eject it gracefully
> once you're ready to dismount it. When I attach the camera to the
> Windows box, it automatically opens an explorer window and shows me the
> folder structure, but, the eject button never appears.

Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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