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On Sat, 2010-07-24 at 07:36 -0600, Christopher A. Williams wrote:
> On Sat, 2010-07-24 at 16:23 +1000, Roger wrote:
> > On 07/24/2010 01:32 PM, Nathan W wrote:
> > > *snip*
> > >    
> > >>   I don't pretend to know what's coming, but I do know that
> > >> when stuff is outside my house it can be priced annually, it can be
> > >> arbitrarily withheld, it can be surveiled, it can be compromised by
> > >> those who have direct physical access, and it is not something I really
> > >> want or need. Just my honest opinion.
> > >>
> > >>
> > >>      
> > > a hearty +1
> > >    
> > Something I have an inherent distrust for.
> ...So does this also mean you have the same inherent distrust for that
> private internal cloud? You know the one that sits inside of your house
> and that you control?
> The problem here is that you have co-opted the very definition of cloud
> computing into something that it is not. And then based on that,
> continue to criticize it. I really think the problem is that you fear a
> technology that you clearly do not understand.
> Many people have stated that public cloud has relatively little value
> for use cases such as yours. We're all OK with that.
> ...But, with your current arguments, you should also be distrusting that
> internet service connection you're using to get to this list.
That is true.  And as far as understanding, you may be right, but I have
been working in and on computers for about 40 years, and there is not
much new out there.  I have worked with many, many systems, and I write
real time processing programs, and interrupt driven code all the time.  

Just because you don't like what I say doesn't give you the right to
disparage me professionally.  I have never said anything disparaging
about you, nor will I.  I know that you like the cloud technology, and
you see it as the wave of the future.  

I appreciate that, and I want people to research such applications.  I
know that a system like Cern or Fermi lab can reap immense benefit from
such architecture.  

Perhaps the public can as well. But the pricing models that are being
discussed, the actions taken by governments, and the nefarious uses that
such a public system could offer, demand examination.  

Maybe I'm wrong, but I do have experiences that lead me to my beliefs,
and empirical evidence that says it is not all known yet.  Please pursue
your passion.  Perhaps you can discover some ultimate truth that I do
not see.  But show me that truth, not disparaging comments.

Thank you,
Les H.

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