Re: Still no kmod for new nvidia

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On 07/20/2010 05:53 AM, Michael Miles wrote:
>      I am finding it hard to deal with as RPMFusion and Fedora are two 
> seperate thing but when it blocks a update then yes I do think it is a 
> Fedora issue.

Among the mainstream distributions,  Fedora is unique in that, it
doesn't have a official non-free repository or repo for patent
encumbered code.  Although RPM Fusion is as close as it gets,  it should
be noted that RPM Fusion is a third party repository with a different
infrastructure.  Fedora simply does not care about proprietary kernel
modules or any third party kernel module for that matter.  If Fedora
does, the kernel maintainers, add it as a patch rather than leave it as
a kernel module package.   This means,  if you run a third party repo, 
support for it within Fedora is limited. 

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