Re: Method to upgrade from live install to DVD install package setup?

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On 07/08/2010 03:04 AM, Michael D. Setzer II wrote:
> I installed Fedora 13 from the live CD and have found many packages
> missing that would be installed with the normal process from the DVD
> images.
> Normally, I do use the DVD and do a preupgrade on one test machine and a
> clean install on another and usually use the clean install setup after figuring
> all the differences.
> In this case, I am 17 timezones behind my normal location (GMT+10 to
> GMT-7), so don't have the access to systems I normally do.
> So, far I've installed the OpenOffice, Samba to get printing to a windows box,
> and found that ftp wasn't install by default?
> Only solution might be to reinstall from a DVD image, but that means doing
> all the updates again.
> Thanks.
You should be able to mount the dvd image and setup it up as a yum repo.
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