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On Fri, 2010-07-02 at 09:15 -0400, fred smith wrote:
> however on F13 I couldn't make it work that way. the job would be put in
> the queue and there it would sit. I'd find the printer disabled, re-enable
> it and it would be disabled again. try the print troubleshooter and after
> entering the root password twice and clicking a few times it would tell me
> that the problem is because the printer was disabled. re-enable it and 
> it just gets disabled AGAIN.

If you have jobs in the queue, and there is some problem with one of the
filters, each time you enable it the next job will fail and cause it to
become disabled.

The way around that is to clear out *all* the jobs in the queue.  Cancel
them all.

After that, running the troubleshooter should get you enough information
to report a bug.

I know that you now have your printer working, but I'd be very grateful
if you could re-visit this and have another go at getting
troubleshooting information about this problem.


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