Re: Sendmail: How does one blacklist annoying spammers?

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On Sat, 2010-06-26 at 08:47 +0800, Harish Pillay wrote:
> Daniel -
> > I thought it was sufficient to look into the headers
> > of the offending email spammmers and add these respective
> > IP address and/or host names to the /etc/mail/access file,
> > but I am beginning to suspect that these headers could be
> > easily spoofed with bogus entries, right?
> >
> > I am really getting tired of adding in entries into the access
> > file, and writing email filters (in thunderbird) for patterns
> > dumping spammers into the trash - and yet - I am still forced
> > to review the trash for entries that should not have been trashed.
> > Seems like a real chore and a losing proposition...
> >
> > What do admins of sendmail use, besides spamassasin?
> See  I have been using
> milter-greylist since late 2006 early 2007 and all I can say is that
> spam has been reduced to less than 1% of what it used to be.
> I don't use spamassasin or any other filters for greylisting does
> it very well for me.
> I am running that on a machine that receives mail for a domain
> that has about 10K users and ever since it was turned on over
> 3 years ago, the user base has been very happy.
> BTW, the system is running on a Fedora 13 system right now
> but started life on a Fedora 7.
I use postfix and sqlgrey for greylisting at all of my
clients/installations and it's incredible but I still use MailScanner
( which provides a wrapper for spamassassin
& clamav. Even with greylisting, spamassassin will still identify spam
coming through. I had no specific complaints about sendmail but I find
the features much more easily accessible in postfix.


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