Re: Why are 0 karma updates still being released?

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Mike Fedyk writes:

Pushed to testing and then to stable a few days later with zero karma.

Why are we still pushing to stable or submitting directly to stable
without people other than the packager testing it?
Maybe because nobody is aware that something's waiting for some karma out
I see that openssh was pushed to stable recently. I might've been willing to
grab it from testing and give it whirl, but I'm not sure how I would've
known about it. Whatever this errata fixed, it obviously didn't affect me,
so I was not aware of the open bug, and a pending errata.
It's just a hunch, but here's what I think happens most of the time: someone
files a bug, the maintainer picks it up, fixes the bug, pushes the package
to testing.
So, you've really got just the bug reporter who's interested in the errata,
and is even aware of a package. And most of the time it's an ordinary user
who is not even aware of the underlying infrastructure. A canned message
gets appended to the Bugzilla entry, saying something to the effect that a
package was "pushed" somewhere. The bug reporter may not be aware of the
fact that there's some kind of a mechanism to rate the pending update. The
bug reporter is most likely waiting until he gets a popup from Packagekit,
telling him that an update is ready.
I had someone file a bug against my small, obscure package. It was an
enhancement. I finally got around to coding it, tarring it up (I'm my own
upstream), then grabbing it with my maintainer hat, building it, and pushing
it to testing.
So, how long should I wait for some karma? In the past, I've waited two
weeks before requesting a push to stable. Is there a policy document
somewhere that lays down the law, on this?

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