Re: F13 install problem (/dev/fd0 error)

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[email protected] writes:
> I cannot get FC13 to install.  I get a repeating /dev/fd0 error, which
> sorta makes sense since the machine doesn't have a floppy.  However, it
> never gets past the error.
> Has anyone seen this one?

Yes.  Same here on my Asus M3A78T (AMD) motherboard.

It hung until I used Alt-Ctl-F1 Alt-Ctl-F2 Alt-Ctl-F3 etc to switch
screens. When I switched back it had managed to "unstick" itself and the
install proceeded.  The Anacondia (??) screen's blue background never
refreshed and stayed black, but I decided I could live with that as long
as the install proceeded. ;-)  I'm typing on that machine now.  There
doesn't seem to have been any lasting damage.  the real kernel seems to
work just fine.

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