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2010/5/27 M��Duffy <[email protected]>
On Wed, 2010-05-26 at 19:58 -0300, Andre Costa wrote:

> First of all: I do appreciate all the effort in making the download
> page easier to newbies, and I recognize a lot of thought has been
> spent in doing so. However, it doesn't mean the result can't be
> improved, even if the improvements will only be perceived by a portion
> of the audience.

Absolutely. We could certainly do without the hateful and unfair
commentary, though.
Agreed. IMO this whole thing has grown way out of proportion, from any angle you look at it.

Please see -
I made a lot of adjustments based on the user feedback we've gotten over
the past couple of days. There's a screenshot in there that shows some
of the changes.

Ok, that's better. Still, I would suggest to make it a little more explicit. You see, when I didn't find the link to the torrents right away, my first reaction was to CTRL+F for "torrent".
I am ok with the main focus being set towards newbies, but I believe "old timers" should receive some love as well ;-)

> I agree with Alan that it wouldn't hurt to have this extra link at the
> bottom of the page, I don't think this would distract newbies
> considering they should be attracted to the big blue "Download Now!"
> button in the middle of the screen =) I must say I also spent a couple
> of minutes going back and forth trying to find a link to the torrents
> (... sure, I could have Googled right away -- which I ended up doing
> after visiting the "Formats" page for the 3rd time ;-))

That's exactly what the design revision has done. The archives link has
been swapped out with one general, 'Alternative download methods' link
that points to get-fedora-all, which has been supplemented with the
archives link.

As I said above, it's an improvement, but IMHO something like a "Advanced User? Click here for torrent, jigdo etc." link closer to the default option (the big blue "Download Now!" button) would be more helpful and would not distract newbies.

Just another $0.02 ;-)


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