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  I'm running F12. I use texlive - however, the fedora version is too
old (2007) and since  I coordinate with others in writing papers - all
of who use texlive 2009 - I have compatibility problems. (e.g. no
biblatex, problems with natbib style files etc)

  So I installed the upstream 2009 texlive - which works perfectly and
exactly the same as everyone else!

  Problem is I also need to install R - it has texlive as a dependency
and doesn't see the already installed texlive - what is the right way to
install R - but without it dragging in any fedora based texlive ?

  The only way I could think of was to hand install using rpm all the
packages for R and its dependencies with --force but skipping the
texlive ones - is there a better way ?


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