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On 04/16/2010 01:39 PM, jdow wrote:
> From: "Patrick O'Callaghan"<[email protected]>
> Sent: Thursday, 2010/April/15 12:50
>> On Thu, 2010-04-15 at 12:22 -0700, Michael Miles wrote:
>>> I have removed all and I will wait for proper instruction as I really
>>> do not know enough about this OS
>> Given that you say so yourself, the logical question is "why do you need
>> Clamav"? Clamav is usually installed by people running mail servers for
>> users who access them from Windows. If all you're doing is reading mail
>> in Linux, it's extremely unlikely that you even need it. In 35 years of
>> using first Unix and then Linux, I have yet to see a single virus that
>> wasn't a proof-of-concept demo.
> 1) I have seen at least one active exploit, I fortunately recognized
> myself, for Linux in my<mumble>  years with computers. (longer than
> yours, sonny, although I took a 6 year hiatus in there. {^_-}) (Even
> my beloved Amiga (made some money off that system) had online exploits.)
> 2) Some of us live on mixed networks. Open Sores does NOT pay for my
> bread, water, and roof, let alone any recreation. So I have Windows
> machines around. ClamAV is handy to have in the Linux machine, which
> is the master server for the system.
> 3) If you read the kernel list a little more you'd discover enough chatter
> about obvious items of vulnerability you'd want to put a condom on your
> computer.
> 4) I will agree with you as far as to say Linux is not as vulnerable as
> Windows. That is mostly because it is still perceived as being a boutique
> OS with savvy users. When that changes I expect to see numbers of active
> exploits out on the Internet to increase sharply. I would prefer a casual
> date put on his condom BEFORE rather than AFTER he makes mostions to
> impregnate me, which at my age is hopeless.
> {^_^}   Fortunately Joanne has not had to reinstall YET.
I started with the Vic 20 then went to the 64

I had a Amiga 3000 up to a 68060 and of course lightwave and the video 
toaster by newtek.

Now that Amiga was a system which I adored

I find Linux similar but I love the drag and drop of the amiga 
especially for devices.

I run an Amd Phenom 2 945 now initialy with Win 7 x64 ultimate.

Am totally fed up with Windows

I like Fedora very much and am extremely impressed with security.

I freaked out when Clamav found a trojan in my mozilla directory only to 
see it was the test virus that comes with clamav.

I have a home network here with 2 other computers on it. Both Win 7 machines

We do not share mail service and only share music and videos from this 
(fat 4 tera byte hd)

Anyway I think I will let it run for a bit but I'm still not sure I want 
it on.
Still have really no need unless viruses start to take hold with linux.

At the very same time once the damage is done by a nasty virus it is too 

Some protection is needed, I would think

I put in a backup Win 7 dvd and scanned it

Clam av found 4 on the dvd. Bitdefender  for unices found 15

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