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On Fri, Apr 2, 2010 at 1:46 PM, Javier Perez <[email protected]> wrote:
> Hi
> I am sorry if it has been asked before, but could not come up with the
> search terms to look it and I have not seen discussed on the WIKIs
> I am totally noob to virtualization and I was planning to start learning
> myself.
> I have a dual boot system (FC12, Win2k SP4).
> My question is ,If I want to convert it to a virtualized system, FC12 as the
> host system, win2k as a guest OS, do I have to
> reformat my HD, reinstall FC12, and then install win2k, or can I just
> install yum install the virtual parts for kvm and have it start as a guest
> the already isntalled win2k ?

You don't need to reinstall.. Just add the virt packages.

There are some considerations when building a virtual host though...
For example, I separate virtual storage VGs from my OS volume group.
No requirement to do so, but it's easier to do certain operations with
separate VGs.
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