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On Sat, 2010-02-27 at 18:25 +0000, Marko Vojinovic wrote: 
> On Saturday 27 February 2010 05:39:26 pm Mike Cloaked wrote:
> > I am afraid that I have lost patience with this.  As far as my own
> > view goes - mail is one of the few absolutely essential functions of
> > any computer system/desktop/laptop/netboook, and any update that
> > breaks a working mail setup is not excusable.  Any update to email
> > systems should be very carefully and thoroughly checked in testing
> > before it goes live - period.
> > 
> > I have abandoned kmail and it would take a lot to get me back to it
> > now. I now use Thunderbird exclusively - maybe other people will stay
> > with kmail if that has been their favourite client up till now and
> > hope that the problems get solved.  However I now do what Mail-Lists
> > does and run a dovecot imap server on every machine - and run a filter
> > to move all incoming mail from the external server (pop) to the local
> > imap server - and that way if there is a problem with the email client
> > then I can just switch to another client and still see all the same
> > mail very simply indeed.  Also some email clients have better specific
> > features than others and in the even of a serious disaster such as
> > appears to have happened with the akonadi/nepomuk/kmail fiasco then at
> > least I can simply close down kmail and open up Thunderbird and I am
> > back in business - who knows how many people may never return to kmail
> > after their experiences this week?
> I am yet to see any problem with KMail/akonadi/nepomuk on this fully updated 
> F12/64bit/KDE. Everything works as expected, and my KMail experience has 
> actually improved since KDE4.4  update came out. It starts faster, is more 
> responsive, and font size choices are more eye-friendly.
> The fiasco you talk about seems to have hit only a couple of people. My guess 
> is that this has to do something with your own (customized?) 
> environment/system/mysql/whatever, and you have hit some untested corner-
> case... In general KMail in KDE4.4 apparently Just Works.
> This very e-mail is being written in KMail. ;-)
> Best, :-)
> Marko

There is most definitely a problem somewhere with kmail but appears to
be non-fatal for me

After a reboot when opening an email file a message saying Akonadi
is being started followed by a popup about Nepomuk (attached)

After that kmail still seems to view email files OK which is all I use
it for.

I am using fully update F12
Linux fuerte #1 SMP Fri Feb 19 18:55:03
UTC 2010 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux



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