Re: yum update, broken dependency: "libdrm >= 2.4.17-1 is needed"

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On Wed, 20 Jan 2010 03:35:33 +0100, Ralf wrote:

> >> IMO, somebody at Fedora's Release Management hass not done his
> >> homework.
> >
> > See Dave Airlie's post to devel "libdrm vs mesa updates - update group
> > for bodhi?"
> That's not my point:
> My point is: Why are package which apparently break package dependencies
> being pushed to public repos rsp. why does rel-eng not catch them before 
> they break public repos?

Because releng doesn't run any broken deps checks yet. Also, the compose
process they have come up with after the Fedora Extras era has required
many hours for each push, so a brute-force "build repo, check repoclosure,
pull packages, rebuild repo, check repoclosure, …" cycle would not be
feasible and would not be convenient either.  [Dunno whether anyone has
spent time on playing with a new tool yet that would compare packages with
target repos and look for dependency breakage, conflicts and other problems.]

> I.e. I am not pointing at the "packager/package maintainer", but at 
> Fedora's release managers/Fedora's release engineering.

You can still point a finger at the mesa/libdrm package maintainer, too,
though. Not grouping the builds and pushing them in a single update
request is a mistake. Especially since karma automation can withdraw
one of multiple packages and break deps that way.
Though, after a long time there are still no memos sent to package
developers, so most likely the bodhi feature was not known (and the "add
another build" option on the update request form was overlooked).
Koji buildroot override tags are not widely advertised either and not
documented on relevant pages [1]. At least that's what packagers tell me
after receiving broken deps reports. So, some people think they need to
push to stable or else they cannot rebuild dependencies.

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