Change tracking problem with OpenOffice--options settings don't persist

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I am running Fedora 12 x86_64, but this problem goes back to earlier
versions.  (In fact, I think I recall some discussion of it on the list
a year or so ago, but I couldn't find that when I searched so maybe I'm
imagining it.)

I have some colleagues who prefer to use Word (even to edit LaTeX source
files!), partly because change tracking sometimes makes it a lot easier to
keep up with what's happening to multi-author manuscripts.  So I need to
use OpenOffice's change tracking and I set Tools -> Options -> Writer
-> Changes to color the changes "by author". That works fine in the
particular session, but once I close OpenOffice, the setting is lost and
I have to redo the setting every time I start OpenOffice.

I asked about this on the Writer forum at and was told to
remove my profile (which I had already tried) and, if that didn't work,
to install the rpms from Sun.  I used yum to remove all the OpenOffice
stuff and installed the Sun rpms to see if it made a difference, but
that version keeps crashing when I start it up.  I imagine there's
something I need to reconfigure (I was told on the forum that "there
are several threads here about install under Fedora"), but before I put
in the time to see if I can make the Sun rpms work and then find out
whether they have the change tracking settings problem, I thought I'd ask
here and see if anyone else is having this problem with change tracking or
has a solution with the Fedora rpms.



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