Re: F12 NFS Failures

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On Sat, 2009-11-21 at 10:09 +0000, John Austin wrote:

> When copying a large file (2.7GB) from the server to the
> F12 m/c a complete freeze of the F12 machine occurs.

I haven't seen freezes, but I have seen corruption when trying to copy
large files (e.g. like a DVD iso image) via NFS. In fact, this happened
to me when I was trying to install an F12 virtual machine on my F11 box
(so I could try it out before deciding whether or not to bite the bullet
and upgrade the host OS). I copied over the DVD iso image, then tried to
install a VM from it, and it failed the media test. Sure enough, it also
failed the sha256sum test. Copying the same DVD iso file via scp instead
worked fine. I do not trust NFS for large files.


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