How does one remove the nvidia driver and install nouveau ?

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I need to test my computer with the nouveau driver in order to provide
information for a bug report I contributed.  Besides, I would like to
see how well the open source driver works compared to the proprietary

So how does one remove the nvidia driver and install the nouveau driver
in its place ?  

I recently started using akmod-nvidia.  I suspect that its built and
installed an nvidia kernel module.  I did a yum remove kmod-nvidia and
yum remove akmod-nvidia.

I edited xorg.conf and changed nvidia to nouveau, but I did not change
any of the module paths.  

I did a modprobe nouveau.  lsmod shows that its there.

I did an rmmod -w nvidia in an attempt to uninstall the module.  But
when I reboot, it still runs.

Now what do I do ?  Edit xorg.conf ?   rmmod ?  lsmod ?  insmod ?


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