Re: Upgrade to2.6.27.37-170.2.104.fc10.i686.PAE Can I get kmod-nvidia to go with it?

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On 10/18/2009 11:42 AM, Kevin J. Cummings wrote:
On 10/17/2009 07:32 PM, Steven W. Orr wrote:
I upgraded the kernel. What's the process to get the corresponding matching
nvidia driver?
Depending on where you got your *last* nvidia driver from (either
rpmfusion or atrpms), you should just have to do a "yum update".
Remember to enable the appropriate repo if you normally disable it

If you are building it yourself, you'll have to rebuild it again....
I've been through the painful process of getting nvidia drivers to work, it's taken days of experimetnation.
I found the repos are dangerous and very difficult to find. Yum could not find kmod-nvidia nor akmod-nvidia but locked up until I manually removed them from repos.d .They don't or didn't for me provide any useful applications and crashed the system.

I resorted to downloading the appropriate nvidia driver and finding it only works with certain F10 kernels. worked for me for my 8600GT card

Select your driver from the appropriate archive.
 yum install gcc, make, glibc-headers,

 uname -r to get the kernel version.
rpm -qa kernel-devel
rpm -qa kernel-headers
If there are mis matches yum search for the correct files yum remove the mismatches and install the good versions.

then install from  an init 3 terminal. not from X.
the driver will check that you have the headers and devel files to match your kernel.

The above is the only way I could get the nvidia driver to work

Nvidia drivers do not work with F11 and F12 there are dozens of failure reports on google and I have experimented for days now to solve the problems but am stuck with nouveau graphics which are useless for 3D Blender.

Hope this helps

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