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On 09/15/2009 06:11 PM, davide wrote:
>> Packages in Fedora are maintained in a voluntary basis. Every new
>> package has to go through a review process for sanity checks. If you are
>> interested, you can join by either packaging up the software you are
>> missing out or reviewing dozens and dozens of packages which are waiting
>> on that.
> have you a pointer to a wiki explaining how I can help?

If you want to package software, look at

If you want to help out with reviews,

Any doubts? Ask.

> I know, I was looking for some "raw" data, like source packages to try
> to extrapolate more accurate data.
> but a gap of more than 10k binary packages gives the idea.

It can be fairly misleading. Source packages are better for comparisons.
Where are you getting the numbers from anyway? Debian and derivatives
typically include "contrib" and "non-free" as part of the project. So
you will have to add RPM Fusion packages to make it somewhat equivalent.

In rawhide, I have a total of 15,549 packages. I am sure Ubuntu would
have more, being a Debian derivative. I am pretty sure, Fedora is
growing faster however.

Jef Spatela wrote a few blogs looking at the details

Scroll down and read them if you are curious.


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