Fedora 11 and GDM - unwanted list of all users and impossible to customize ?

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Hello guys,

I did not use gdm for some time and now I'm not happy how it looks in Fedora 11.
First of all - the list of local users is unacceptable from security reasons. Even if it supports such "an " option - how it can be the default one?!

Second problem I have is shutdown button (and possibly restart as well) - when you click on shutdown button by mistake, system will shut - there is no confirmation dialog.

I also tried to find some ways how to customize gdm in Fedora 11 but I did not find any usable guide.

Can anybody please advise me how can I have prompt asking for username only (showing last logged user at maximum) and not displaying the list of all local users?
Also can I somehow add confirmation or remove shutdown restart buttons from gdm screen?

Or can you please advise any alternative to gdm?

Thank you very much,

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