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Tom Horsley wrote:
Despite that, as we see in another thread, firefox has
a gazillion languages anyway, my font selection menus
are cluttered with thousands of fonts supporting glyphs
I can't recognize, my /usr/share/locale/ directory is
filled with millions of entries, etc.

Which leads to the question: What the heck does the
language support group in anaconda actually install?
For a system with no additional languages installed
on it, I sure seem to have an awful lot of different

I think it will install the user interface in that selected language. I for example like very much my interface to be in English, but be able to see correctly Japanese, Chinese and Finnish web pages. For that I need the fonts. I don't need the user interface pack.
What's wrong with you people? Is it so dangerous to be influenced with
foreing language on operating system which started on Finland where
people speak language which has maybe 6million people speaking it worldwide?
I understand need to cut down packages when installing to small space
(Like really limited netboot) But most of the time it really doesn't
matter and makes system more usables for us who need to be able to see
world outside of english speaking world.

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