Speaking of language support...

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When I install fedora, the final group of packages in the
installation customization is language support. I never
select any additional languages in there.

Despite that, as we see in another thread, firefox has
a gazillion languages anyway, my font selection menus
are cluttered with thousands of fonts supporting glyphs
I can't recognize, my /usr/share/locale/ directory is
filled with millions of entries, etc.

Which leads to the question: What the heck does the
language support group in anaconda actually install?
For a system with no additional languages installed
on it, I sure seem to have an awful lot of different
language related stuff on my system. (And fonts are
the most irritating - I wish apps came with better
font selection interfaces that could filter out
things for languages I'm not looking for so I could
maybe see the thing I am looking for in the smaller
haystack left over :-).

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