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On 01/31/2009 12:47 PM, Ambrogio wrote:
Il giorno sab, 31/01/2009 alle 14.03 +0000, g ha scritto:

this is true. he did not say where he is running script. virtual vs xterm.
I'm doing some tests and the output is very strange for me...

On the same terminal (kterminal) in a very big window, if I run yum list
available I obtain a list in which every line end to the right border.

If, in the same terminal, I use yum list available | less or even |
more, I obtain a very short line.

This is an output example.

yum list available | more
BasiliskII.i386                     1.0-0.20060501.3.fc9

yum list available basilisk\*

Pacchetti disponibili
BasiliskII.i386                                                                      1.0-0.20060501.3.fc9                                                                      rpmfusion-free-updates

if I run the command
   yum list available basilisk\* | more I obtain

Pacchetti disponibili
BasiliskII.i386           1.0-0.20060501.3.fc9            rpmfusion-free-updates

that is what I expect.
I did the same experiment with the same result. What I don't understand
is why this is a problem. If you're piping the output of "yum list" to
something else for further processing, you're getting one line of
output, which is what you want.

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