AGP 4x Video Recommendation for FC10 w/ 1600x1080 LCDs

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Hello All.

I've recently upgraded my FC8 to FC10 and I'm not exactly happy with
the video output from the old video card. Since I'm running other
boxes also as a "dual boot" XP/LTSP workstations, I decided that I'd
buy in volume and set up my various home workstations with identical

Does anyone have a recommendation for a known-good AGP 4x (FC10 on an
Asus TUV4X M/B) video adapter that will run LCD monitor resolutions?
I'm going to buy several of these for my workstations for ease of
compatibility with the LTSP install

(Semi-Unrelated Note: My XP boxes have NVidia cards (GEForce4 MX) that
don't reliably run 1600x1080 on my Optiquest monitors under XP. I can
get it working -- sometimes -- but every time XP installs any updates
the settings get blown away and I have to re-install drivers from
scratch. Very annoying, and I'm tired of it, thus I'm looking to
replace these video adapters too.)

I ran a large LTSP network some years ago at an old job and I've got a
soft spot for the ATI cards which served us so well, but if there's a
better option I'm perfectly open to that too. I'm not looking to spend
a big pile of cash, as these workstations are being used primarily for
web browsing and spreadsheets.

Suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Adrian Kuepker
Motorcycle Roads Northwest

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