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Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:

> You are not following. The information was not on the CD, but the

please excuse my tiredness and futile attempt of humor.

> While I do not know the technical details, I suspect that the
> software could do a PPPoE connection to a specific computer to do

i do recall having to log in and do some more registration, but it did it
after setting up 2wire with ppoe, vci, and vpi.

even then, for some reason or other, original login name gets reset for
some reason or other. i just hope that next time i go thru setup. it all
gets set correct.

> Note - this software is different then the Windows package that you


> know what it is like dealing with tech support - it is faster to run

something like getting country of india and having trouble understanding
girl i was talking to. i explained this, apologized, and asked it i could
be changed to support in 'america'. i realized my error when i was
transferred and next thing i heard was some mexican song playing. but at
least i was able to understand him better and problem got resolved.

> I hope it has changed here sense the last time I have had to deal
> with this, but considering the sales droids we have around here, I
> drought it. Maybe it is better in other areas?

how could it be better. regardless of of what area you are in, tech
support is still farmed out to lowest bidder.

peace out.



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