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Gene Heskett wrote:

> So now I'm waiting for a "wine expert" to throw me a bag of fresh bones to 
> gnaw on.  There has to be a way to update the bios on this 8 year old SOB.

some dos level utilities will not emulate if a:\ is changed and maybe a part
of problem with using a cd for 'a:'.

there is a cd called 'ultimate boot cd' available from;

it was recommended thru this list, but thanks to my forgetfulness, i do not
recall who recommended it. i do need to start making notes of such. also, when
i reboot this box and back up this install's '/home/geo' and '/home/users', i
will start other install's  and go thru stored emails to find who recommended.

i will say this, tho i do not recall name of recommender, he has passed along
a lot of other good advise to me and others here, so i will say 'ubcd' just
may have what you need.

i have a copy of 4.1.1 and i can say that from looking at it, it is loaded.
problem is, i have yet to try it out, so i can not say how well it works.

from '/website/index.html' that is on cd, there are 5 different dos boot disk
images. no ms dos due to 'commercial nature', but it does show a link to; which is worth having a look at.
  [ ]

also, i do have several 6.22 disks and a winme recovery disk that i would be
happy to run 'dd' on them and send you images.

> Did I mention that I think M$ is a bunch of paranoid rectums?

anyone who uses linux knows that.

> And I've been told by the medics, several times now that alcohol reduces the 
> effectiveness of most antibiotics.  You'll get better faster without even if 
> it seems longer. :)

i have been told also, but i seldom take any medications that i have need
to be concerned. those that i have taken, pain pills for ruptured disk and
rotated vertebra, metaxa has enhanced relief. or at least it seemed that way
so i really was not in pain. which is what counts.

> if they guessed right on the flu strains this year.

1st, last, and only flu shot i have ever had, i came down with flu shortly
after. doc's reply, well there are some that they do not help.

i also had good fortune to have had west nile. after being down with it and
talking to doctor about it, his reply, well at least i did not have to worry
about getting it again. doctors are pill pushers.

> Wine experts, please opine on how to fix this one.

check 'ubcd' site and get it over with. :o)

peace out.



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