Re: OT: find command permissions: how to exclude dir?

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Dave Burns wrote:
man page on find -prune was not clear to me, but I tried all combos I
can think of, nothing works as I'd wish:
[[email protected] ~]$ sudo find /users/tburns -name .gvfs -prune
find: /users/tburns/.gvfs: Permission denied
[[email protected] ~]$ sudo find /users/tburns -prune -name .gvfs
[[email protected] ~]$ sudo find /users/tburns \( -prune -name .gvfs \)
[[email protected] ~]$ sudo find /users/tburns \( -name .gvfs -prune \)
find: /users/tburns/.gvfs: Permission denied
You need to tell find what to do with files not named .gvfs:

find /users/tburns -name .gvfs -prune -o -print

And now that I've logged out & back in and .gvfs is mounted again, I
can test the other suggested workaround involving remount. This also
does not work for me, though I may be giving the wrong form of mount

[[email protected] ~]$ sudo mount -o remount -o exec -o suid  -o rw /users/tburns/.gvfs
[[email protected] ~]$ sudo find /users/tburns/.gvfs
find: /users/tburns/.gvfs: Permission denied
I'm not sure what was mounted in the examples mentioned earlier. My
understanding of FUSE is that the process providing the FS is the one
that must perform the mount. Remounting manually should mount nothing.
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