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On Thu, 2008-08-28 at 17:06 +0000, g wrote:
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> Les Mikesell wrote:
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> > The 'database' is in the head of the person writing the answer - who is 
> > also likely to be the same person who just collated the relevant 
> > information into the wiki or recently read it there.  Just the same way 
> > things work now except that there would be less repetition and once a 
> > pattern of showing useful info in the wiki emerged, people would start 
> > to look there first.
> or, in other words, another 'faq'.
> so what you are saying is that this is not enough?
> if you believe that, then i would suggest that you contact rahul sundaram,
> as he is maintainer of 'wiki/faq'. i am sure that he would be interested in
> what you have to say, and more than happy to help you.

Maybe these FAQs are good enough in terms of content (I don't know), but
if newbies don't know about them and oldies very rarely refer to them
then there's a piece missing.

> for 'fedora-list', there is
> one thing that may be lacking is a way to search archives. if there
> is a search engine to do this, i have not found it.

This was discussed recently. Until shown otherwise, I stand by my theory
that the lack of search is due to the list being managed by Mailman.


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