Re: samba installed from scratch on fc9 doesn't work for me

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James Wilkinson, il 27/08/2008 21:16, scrisse:

Try having one domain name (on Samba) = workgroup name (on Windows)
across all your computers, but different names for each computer.

how can I set the domain name?
I did set the workgroup name in smb.conf to "GRECOELEVATORI", in /etc/hosts there is the line " barbara.grecoelevatori barbara localhost.localdomain localhost", in /etc/sysconfig/network I have "HOSTNAME=barbara.grecoelevatori", but pdbedit still says the domain is "BARBARA". even win98 is configured with the correct workgroup, i.e. "GRECOELEVATORI".

Can you ping the Fedora server by name from the Windows 98 computer?

I don't remember if I tried it, I will when I'll be back in office.

Hope this helps,

thanks :)

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