Re: samba installed from scratch on fc9 doesn't work for me

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On Wed, 2008-08-27 at 20:52 +0200, Massimo Maiurana wrote:
> Craig White, il 27/08/2008 19:49, scrisse:
> > fwiw...I set up my home Fedora 9 with tdbsam passdb (I normally use
> > ldap) on Fedora 9 to test your issues and I'm not having user issues or
> > any error adding users...
> :(
> there have to be a difference between your system and mine, but what?
> > # smbpasswd -a jennifer
> > New SMB password:
> > Retype new SMB password:
> > Added user jennifer.
> if samba is started from init those messages appears only in the 
> logs, not on the console.
> if, from a terminal, I wipe out /var/lib/samba, restart samba, and 
> try to add a user, then the error messages appears on the console.
no errors in logs or console
> have you edited smb.conf or are you using the default one?
I edited the default smb.conf because I do have a domain server (my main
server) which is running samba & ldap and I'm using ldapsam on that. My
desktop system, I really don't use samba so it was a configuration
direct from packaging. To be honest, I've never used tdbsam for passdb
before...I started with smbpasswd a long time ago and now use ldap
everywhere, all the time.

as an FYI, I too get...
# net getdomainsid
SID for local machine LIN-WORKSTATION is:
Could not fetch domain SID

obviously this works on my PDC and I don't get the error...I presume
because that one is set to 'domain master = yes' among other things.
> > I doubt you want to use the socket options as those are legacy from 2.4
> > kernel.
> > 
> > But you have introduced a new configuration to the discussion and I'm
> > wondering which system configuration we are talking about.
> no no, the latter was my home pc configuration, was not meant to be 
> discussed, I introduced it just as an example of definitely working 
> configuration.
samba pretty much requires configuration changes from 3.023 - lots of
things changed.

you might try...

stopping smb/nmb service
removing (or just moving) /var/lib/samba/private/passdb.tdb
and /var/lib/samba/private/secrets.tdb and restarting smb/nmb,
recreating the user barbara and see what happens


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