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Roger Heflin wrote:
Per Anton Rønning wrote:
Claude Jones wrote:
On Tue August 26 2008 10:52:21 am Roger Heflin wrote:
Don't count on that, the 4GB thing is a very very rough and
often wrong *SIMPLE* rule.

Just because a machine has under 4GB of ram does not mean that
the PAE kernel won't give you more memory.    The bios *CAN*
(some do, some don't) remap something that is covered by a
video card, or otherwise reserved for something to above 4GB
requiring a PAE kernel to use it.   And this can start
happening at around 3GB of ram or more, the only way to know
if PAE is correct for a given setup is to either know exactly
what the bios is doing or to test it.

It all depends on exactly what the bios is doing, he would
need to boot a PAE and a non-PAE kernel and check how much
memory is being seen by each, if they are the same or really
close (within 100MB) I would avoid the PAE kernel.
Interesting... I'll make this a keeper and test soon. I build most
of my machines with 4GB of ram now, but that's in Windows land at
work - they tend to filter my way as older ones are superceded or
retired - my current Linux machines all top out at 3GB

I'm am afraid that it is beyond my qualifications to start kernel management. First I must know the difference between these kernels, hwich I dont. It seems that I need to take a course
in advanced Linux to embark upon a venture like that,.
So for now I'd better be happy with the two optional screen resolutions that I have, and the 800x600 is not bad at all, I can live vith that without someone holding a gun to my head.
Now, I happened to find

 NVIDIA Accelerated Linux Driver Set README and Installation Guide

     *googlig for the nvidia-xconfig.      *

*It is a lot of stuff here that I have to spend some time on, and hopefully I will be
better equipped to handle this.





Boot both the PAE kernel and the non-PAE kernel (through the grub screen), boot each and do a "cat /proc/meminfo" and check MemTotal, if they are about the same use the non-PAE kernel as the PAE kernel won't help you.
From your list these 2:


And I must also admit that I have not done anything in particular to influence which
kernels I have installed.
I have only installed F9 from a DVD attached in the August issue of Linux Format, and I am over all very pleased with the distro. It works fine, and the trouble I have had
is peanuts compared to the upside.

There were no questions as to the choice of kernels during the installation as far as I can remember, and had it been, I would not have known what to answer, kernel stuff is the next level for me.
I would very much like to learn about this, i really like Linux
and there is a lot that I would like to master.
But I have a lot of other tasks so I cannot allocate enough time, it seems.


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