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On Tue August 26 2008 10:52:21 am Roger Heflin wrote:
> Don't count on that, the 4GB thing is a very very rough and
> often wrong *SIMPLE* rule.
> Just because a machine has under 4GB of ram does not mean that
> the PAE kernel won't give you more memory.    The bios *CAN*
> (some do, some don't) remap something that is covered by a
> video card, or otherwise reserved for something to above 4GB
> requiring a PAE kernel to use it.   And this can start
> happening at around 3GB of ram or more, the only way to know
> if PAE is correct for a given setup is to either know exactly
> what the bios is doing or to test it.
> It all depends on exactly what the bios is doing, he would
> need to boot a PAE and a non-PAE kernel and check how much
> memory is being seen by each, if they are the same or really
> close (within 100MB) I would avoid the PAE kernel.

Interesting... I'll make this a keeper and test soon. I build 
most of my machines with 4GB of ram now, but that's in Windows 
land at work - they tend to filter my way as older ones are 
superceded or retired - my current Linux machines all top out at 

Claude Jones
Levit & James, Inc.
Leesburg, VA

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