Re: KDE4: Why exactly shouldn't we be able to drag and drop files into folders on the Desktop ?

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On Mon, 2008-07-21 at 08:51 -0600, linuxguy wrote:
> I've been running F9 since shortly after it came out.  My desktop is a
> mess of about 100 files and folders totally mixed up.   It was very
> nicely organized when I was running F8.
> I don't understand the KDE4 rationality.  Why exactly shouldn't the user
> be able to drag and drop files and folders on the Desktop ?  I
> understand that there might be a new way of doing things in KDE4 that I
> don't yet understand or know how to use.   But why can't functionality
> to allow people to use their Desktop in the traditional way be
> maintained ?
> I am really, really frustrated with KDE4 !
because we are waiting for KDE 4.1 which as I understand it, will be
released in a few weeks


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