Re: Any hope of KDE 3.5 in F10?

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I'm not a developer, but would like to comment a bit.

2008/6/14 Mike Bird <[email protected]>:
> QUESTION TO DEVELOPERS: Is there any hope of a full KDE 3.5
> in F10, plus an upgrade path from F8 to F10 that preserves
> KDE 3.5 configurations?

I think this is unlikely. Are you willing to do the work needed to
maintain all the KDE 3 packages? But this is just me guessing,
maybe there are actually people interested in doing what you
are suggesting.

2008/6/14 Mike Bird <[email protected]>:
> KDE 4.0 is incomplete and not suitable for most users.
> KDE 4.1 will be incomplete and not suitable for most users.

Software is rarely complete, but I find even KDE 4.0 very usable,
though far from perfect. I use it daily on my laptop, doing all the
same things that I usually do on computers. My desktop still
has Fedora 8 and Gnome, but it will get Fedora 9 with KDE 4
at some point.

2008/6/14 Mike Bird <[email protected]>:
> The KDE devels are debating whether KDE 4.2 will be usable.
> The pro-plasma crowd argue that it is theoretically possible
> to implement a desktop by KDE 4.2, but that everyone should
> change to using the folderview and forget about real desktops.

What has being forced to have the $HOME/Desktop files as icons
on the background have to do with real desktops? Why is it
better to have that than just be able to set the desktop to behave
that way if one actually wants it? The new system even allows you
to just select a specific region of the desktop for file icons, so you
can some other stuff somewhere else. Or whatever you want.

2008/6/14 Mike Bird <[email protected]>:
> Probably control center will be fixed by KDE 4.2.  It's
> debatable whether Dolphin will ever have the usability that
> KDE 3.5 Konqueror had, but if it does it won't be until KDE 4.2
> at the earliest.

I find Dolphin to be actually much better for file management
than any Konqueror version I have ever tried. It's probably
just a matter of preference.

2008/6/14 Mike Bird <[email protected]>:
> F9 already includes a usable KMenu to replace
> the KDE 4.0 joke, although the usable KMenu is not the default.

I think the new menu is great. I usually don't want to browser for
the application I am looking for in nested menus. The new menu
lets me just type a few letters and have me launch the program
instantly, of use the favorites feature. The new menu certainly
isn't a joke, it's just different. You can use the old style menu if
you want.

2008/6/14 Mike Bird <[email protected]>:
> I'm not a KDE developer but I do have users that need to get
> work done and they are not interested in a religious conversion
> to plasmoids.  After reading a lot of KDE developer discussions
> my best guess is that KDE 4.3 is the earliest possibility for
> most KDE users, but no guarantees.

There is nothing religious about the plasmoids. The KDE devs
were just tired of maintaining the old crufty KDE 3 desktop
pieces and wanted to create a new, more flexible system.

I wrote this to note that there are also users who like the
new KDE 4 desktop, and that the work that is being put into
it is appreciated a lot.

I'd guess KDE 4 will never work exactly like KDE 3, which
seems to be the way you want it to work. Maybe the KDE 3
desktop will be gone from Fedora in six months. The KDE 3
libraries will probably stay a little longer.

If you really want to keep using the old KDE, I'd suggest
using CentOS or Debian. Both of them still have a few years
of supported packages for KDE 3.

Joonas Sarajärvi
[email protected]

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