Re: Sharing CD-ROM over Samba on Fedora 8 *solved*

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Daniel Tweedy wrote:
I put this line in my /etc/fstab file

/dev/sr0 /media/cdrom auto pamconsole,exec,noauto,managed 0 0

The cdrom doesn't mount on bootup which I believe to be correct due to the noauto part.
I played around with the samba config and found that the paths I was
using for mount and unmount were incorrect, corrected the paths and now
it mounts and unmounts fine.
Cool. Just one question though, I am not trying to be confrontational or
anything, this solution automatically mounts and shares whatever is in
the cd drive? I can easily imagine putting a cd, say with backups or
other personal info, into the drive that I may not really want to share.

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