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Bill Davidsen wrote:
If I do an FC9 install on a USB drive, including writing the grub to the MBR on the USB drive, is there any reason why I can't pull the plug and leave the system untouched?
Alternatively, since I have grub in the sda MBR, is there any reason not
to just put an additional stanza (not default) in grub.conf to boot FC9
off USB, and just select that as a boot option when the USB is plugged in?
I have done this with earlier versions of Fedora. You may have to install in the expert mode before the installer will see the USB drive. If you install Grub to the USB drive, you have to tell Grub that the USB drive will be hd0 when you boot if you plan on using BIOS settings to boot directly to the USB drive.
You can also add a chainload from the Grub config in sda to load the
Grub install on the USB drive. You will have to remap the drive as
part of the stanza so that the USB drive becomes BIOS drive 0.
title USB boot
    map (hd0) (hd1)
    map (hd1) (hd0)
    chainload (hd0)


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